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New Chapter… a digital chapter

October 31, 2008

Two weeks ago I accepted the position of Digital Curriculum Editor at Randall House.  Going along with the theme of “digital,” I do not have a physical office in Nashville- mine is a virtual one.  I am telecommuting from Chattanooga while continuing my ministry at Covenant Church.  21st century technology is amazing!

Our vision for Digital Curriculum
We want to provide Curriculum-on-Demand (COD) for pastors, teachers, and small group leaders that they can purchase and download from the internet.   This curriculum is not a replacement for CLEAR® Sunday School curriculum that Randall House publishes.  This digital curriculum will be designed for mid-week Bible studies, small group topical classes, home/office Bible study groups, retreats, etc.   We want to provide topical lessons that are culturally relevant.  If there is an issue going on in a church, work place, or family, we want to provide a quality Bible study that will help people understand the Bible’s teaching on that topic.
Application is the key!  The digital curriculum will incorporate the CLEAR Learning System®, with an emphasis on “application.”  We want to give pastors, teachers, and small group leaders wonderful easy-to-teach Bible studies that help people to apply the lessons to their lives today.  This includes applicable studies for adults, men, women, singles, parents, teens, children, and more.

I have “hit the ground running.”  Through prayer, discussions, and brainstorming we already have a list of over 200 topical Bible studies that need to be written.  Ten writers from all over America are working on various topical and character Bible studies as of today.

This is very exciting!  I am very grateful to the leadership of Randall House for allowing me to be a part of something so amazing.  If you have any questions, ideas for a study, or are interested in writing, please send me an email

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